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Our Services 

Our experienced and well-qualified team of Registered Psychologists and Educational Specialists offers valuable insights to facilitate the holistic development of preschoolers, children, teenagers and youths of varying profiles at reasonable fees.

"Every child should be provided with opportunities to discover and develop his or her strengths and grow up a well-rounded individual..."      

Ng Chee Meng, Minister for Education (Schools)


(1) Psychological & Educational Assessment

With a multi-disciplinary approach in collaboration with associated professionals, we specialise in assessing the following:          

For Children & Teenagers / Youths

  • IQ / Cognitive Profile   
  • Intellectual and Academic Giftedness    
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)    
  • Dyslexia / Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD)
  • Behaviour/ Socio-Emotional Concerns 
  • Personality Career Profile 
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Profile 
  • Admission / Placement in Special Education (SPED) Schools


(2) Personalised Programmes

For Children & Teenagers / Youths

For Parents

  • Educational Planning and Consultation
  • Parent Coaching

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What People Say:

"Dr Chan, thank you so much! It was our pleasure and lovely to have met you. You definitely brightened our weekend! We hope with the assessment report, we can understand him even better. As most things coming from a mom might seem biased as it's our own child...everything about our children are best in our own eyes. Hope to find him a suitable school and improve on areas as advised by you. We appreciate it! Most importantly, it is for our child to grow well as a person with good health and good at heart..." Parents of 3-year old boy

"The psychological assessment and report has benefitted us very much in terms of understanding our son's strengths and weaknesses.  Dr Chan, thanks for keeping our son at ease and making the session an enjoyable experience for him!  He enjoyed the experience with you and found it very fun! Parents of 5-year old boy

"Wilson and Polene, thank you both for making time for my son at short notice. We have submitted his psychological report to school for the appropriate exam access arrangements. More importantly, your report has given us a better idea on how to parent our son taking into account his learning difficulties. Appreciate your good work done..." Parents of 17-year old teenager

"Dr Chan, thank you very much for all your kind help and for providing us with valuable insights into our son's learning styles. It was a great pleasure meeting you and we are really glad that we sent him for the evaluation as this has given us a better understanding of our child. Thanks once again for the detailed report!" Parents of a 5-year old boy     

"Thanks for your daughter has improved so much. She is doing well in school with full marks for Mathematics and English. She has also been accepted into MENSA Singapore..." Mother of 8-year old girl

"Dr Chan, thank you for the very insightful session! We are so glad that we made the decision to send our boy to you for the assessment. The assessment report really helps us to understand his developmental needs better and how we can best support his growth".  Parents of a 7-year old boy

Dr Chan, thank you for your time, patience and valuable insights. It was a great pleasure meeting you and Polene...!" Parents of 2 children, aged 6 and 9

"Dr Chan, we were very pleased to meet you and thank you very much for the warm welcome, your help and advice. Our son and ourselves truly enjoyed our time at The Gifted Lab. Hope to see you again when we visit Singapore in the near future..." Parents of 4-year old child

"Thank you for your comprehensive gifted assessment report and recommendations. My child has been advanced by a grade level according to his intellectual potential. He enjoys his school and lessons and has performed well in the Gifted Education Programme despite being younger than his classmates and has also recently done very well in his Primary School Leaving Examinations. He has been admitted to and is one of the few students in his cohort to be awarded a scholarship by a leading Integrated Programme school in Singapore. He has been given lots of opportunities and is very happy there. We are humbled by our son's achievements and can't help but think of the first time we met you folks...thank you for everything..."     Parents of 13-year old boy

"Dr Chan, thank you very much. You have demystified our child's profile and also given us reassurance on various aspects. We will implement the strategies and recommendations as suggested. Your psychological assessment services have been simply excellent and we will make sure to recommend The Gifted Lab..." Parents of 8-year old child

"Wilson and Polene, it was indeed a pleasure and blessing meeting both of you. We left your office feeling comforted and strengthened. Your help and kind advise opened up our understanding to better foster our son's growth and learning journey!" Parents of 12-year old boy

"Wilson, thank you so much for the detailed report. It's heartening to have someone see our child as he truly is. We're more confident in guiding our child going forward, given your insightful recommendations...!" Parents of 11-year old child

"Dr Chan, we really want to thank you for rushing out the assessment report and the useful tips on the follow-up actions needed for our son. He has been given the recommended exam access arrangement of extra time by MOE for his upcoming examinations. Thank you once again and we are so happy to have met you..." Parents of 15-year old teenager

"Dr Chan, thank you so much for sharing with me the report. As you were speaking to me, many things begin to make sense. Polene and yourself have been very supportive. I will be rethinking my approach on how to close the loop with my son..." Mother of 11-year old boy

Many thanks, Dr Chan!  It was a very fruitful and informative session for us and we are very thankful for this opportunity to get to know you and Ms Polene...!"  Parents of a 4-year old girl

"It is the best investment that I've ever spent on my child!! With your IQ assessment report, I now better understand the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of my child. I'm also super glad I found someone who is genuine in guiding me and my kid..." Parents of 11-year old girl

"It was nice meeting you and thank you for assessing our son. He enjoyed 'playing' with you very much  and actually wanted to go back to 'play' more...!"  Parents of a 2-year-10-month old boy

"Dr Chan, thank you so much again for the insightful assessments and beneficial recommendations for both our kids. It has definitely been a worthwhile investment...appreciate the reports and we are seriously evaluating the next steps to further hone the talents of our children and build on the gaps..." Parents of a 5-year old boy and an 11-year old girl

"Thank you very much for the pleasant experience for my children during the psychological assessment and for your time to review their reports. We greatly appreciate your expertise and insightful feedback..." Parents of a 6-year old girl and an 11-year old boy

"Thanks again for getting the assessment report to us so quickly, and for your excellent advice and insight. We feel very lucky that our child has been able to work with you and that we can now try and move forward doing the best for him..." Parents of a 6-year old boy

"Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It was a very informative session. We really appreciate your advise and guidance for our child..." Parents of a 10-year old boy

"Appreciate your thoughtful and caring approach..." Father of a 9-year old girl

"You were very encouraging...and have the kid's welfare at heart...that's the right approach. Thank you!" Mother of 9-year old child

"Thank you for the insightful session. We have learnt a lot from your review of our son and the recommendations on what we as parents should do..." Parents of an 11-year old boy

"It was a pleasure meeting you. My child was constantly chatting away about his session and said that he wanted to come back for more sessions. Thank you sincerely, your expertise has ensured that the children are kept at ease..." Parent of 6-year old child

"Thanks for enlightening us. We are glad that you have pointed out issues that our child is facing to us. We will have to learn to accept and to work on these...Parents of 10-year old child

"We had a wonderful and meaningful session with your psychologist. We now know our child better following the IQ assessment and have taken away great parenting tips. Thank you!Parents of 4-year old child

"Every parent should be informed of the value of assessing their own child. It has certainly helped me better understand my child's learning struggles, cognitive strengths and the best way to support him. I wished I had done this assessment earlier..." Parent of 13-year old child

"We would like to update you on the teacher's feedback on our child's behaviour - He has shown great improvement in controlling his emotions. He is also showing more awareness of his habits that he has to improve and change. He has come a long way and should keep progressing in this direction...Thank you!" Parents of 8-year old child

"The personality career assessment has helped me to gain a better understanding of myself, both my strengths and areas of personal stretches as well as my possible career options. These fresh insights will be beneficial as I enter into university and ultimately into the working world..." 19-year old teenager

"We now know the innate strengths and personality traits of our daughter better and the reasons for her current underachievement in school. With these fresh insights, we are in a better position to leverage on her unique strengths and support her in her overall learning outcomes in university...Thank you for your sharing!"         Parents of a 22-year old undergraduate

"My daughter was assessed by your psychologist last October. She actually calmed down a lot the weekend after the session. We thought she wasn't feeling well - LOL! And she's again calmed down a lot more over the last two weeks and has been paying attention a lot better than before..." Parents of 5-year old child

"...The speaker is an engaging one...learn real hands-on experiences on how to nurture my children to their full potential..." Mother of 2 children


Assessment Fees:

Assessments are conducted only by experienced psychologists.  Fees are inclusive of (i) professional consultation, (ii) assessment/test and (iii) psychological report. No additional or hidden consultation charges.


For Appointments and Enquiries: 

For enquiries from Singapore, contact  Tel: 65920241

For international enquiries, please email:

Consultations are strictly by appointment only.