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Personality Career Assessment


"Knowing your personality type is the most important first step in becoming the person that you are really meant to be!"


 MBTI Personality Test

A personality career assessment is beneficial in (i) enhancing parent-child and peer relationships, (ii) facilitating informed decision-making for potential best choice of study in schools, colleges, ITEs, polytechnics or universities, (iii) making suitable career, occupational or job decisions, and (iv) improving school or career performance outcomes.


 "Every child should be provided with opportunities to discover and develop his or her strengths and interests...this is the best way forward to prepare our young people and our nation for the future..."      

Ng Chee Meng, Minister for Education (Schools)




Personality Career Assessment - Advantages for the Child/Teenager/Self


(1) Self-understanding and acceptance

Young people learn more about and accept themselves in a positive and age-appropriate fashion.


(2) Relationships with peers, parents and teachers

A deeper understanding and acceptance of individual differences helps provide effective stategies for relating to others, reducing conflict and managing disciplinary challenges.


(3) Personal Mastery & Career Direction

Every individual can find a personal path to mastery and proficiency and develop more ways to organise their school work, daily life as well as to make more  informed career decisions.




Personality Career Assessment - Advantages for the Parent


(1) Develop mutual understanding

Parents will more likely have improved communication and understanding related to each child's unique needs, ways of making decisions and relating to others. Conflicts attributable to personality clashes or misunderstandings can be better resolved.


(2) Home study assistance

Parents can better support their child with productive and effective strategies for understanding and learning.


(3) Motivation and Discipline

When a parent can identify a child's unique motivators, they can craft discipline strategies that are more appropriate and effective.


(4) Career Direction

Facilitates a more informed approach to your child's potential career decision-making as parents now have a better understanding of the unique personality profile of their child.


Assessment Fees: From SGD300 onwards

Assessment fees are inclusive of (i) professional consultation, (ii) assessment/test and (iii) report. No additional or hidden consultation charges.


What People Say:

"You have offered very good insights! Thank you very much, Dr Chan..." Mother of 9-year old girl

"We would like to say many thanks for helping our parents to understand their children better. All our parents are very happy with the assessment reports and the service that you have provided..." Principal, renowned Educational Enrichment Centre

"We really appreciate your advice and sharing. We have come to understand our daughter better now and have learnt new ways to help her realise her potential...Thank you!" Parents of 15-year old teenager

"The personality career assessment has helped me to gain a better understanding of myself, both my strengths and areas of personal stretches as well as my possible career options. These fresh insights will be beneficial as I enter into university and ultimately into the working world..." 19-year old teenager

"Thanks for enlightening us. We are glad that you have pointed out issues that our child is facing to us. We will have to learn to accept and to work on these...Parents of 10-year old child

"We now know the innate strengths and personality traits of our daughter better and the reasons for her current underachievement in school. With these fresh insights, we are in a better position to leverage on her unique strengths and support her in her overall learning outcomes in university...Thank you for your sharing!"         Parents of a 22-year old undergraduate


Personality Career Assessment

Personality Career Assessment and professional consultation is carried out by Registered Psychologists for individuals from 8 years of age and upwards. The comprehensive report and informative consultation session will include personalised recommendations to realise one's potential for home, school, career and life success.


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   "Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power."  Lao-Tzu