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Intelligence Quotient - IQ / Cognitive Assessment 

IQ or cognitive assessments are designed to measure a variety of mental functions, such as reasoning, comprehension and judgment. The goal of IQ or cognitive assessment is to obtain an idea of a person's intellectual potential, providing an outline of his or her cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

"There are lot of things in this world we don't fully understand. Discovering those things is one of life's joys."  Mizuki Nomura

How Will My Child Benefit from an IQ Assessment?

All children require comprehensive evaluation and appropriate support in order to develop all of their capabilities. With a good understanding of the child's IQ or cognitive profile, teachers and parents are then able to make informed decisions to invest in learning programmes, courses or make an informed decision on the most appropriate choice of schools, for example, after the PSLE, that best matches the child's current level of development and expectations. This is the purpose of IQ or cognitive assessment rather than simply to obtain an IQ or numerical score.


IQ / Cognitive Assessment:

Parents could opt for one of the following internationally-recognised IQ Tests:

(a) Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children (WISC) OR
(b) Stanford-Binet V


IQ / Cognitive Assessment is carried out by experienced Registered Psychologists according to International Standards for children from 2 years of age and up, inclusive of an internationally-recognised psychological report that is accepted by international and Singapore schools and medical/healthcare professionals. The comprehensive report will include personalised recommendations for your child to realise his/her potential for school and life success.

Assessment Fee: From SGD800 onwards

Inclusive of professional consultation, assessment / test and comprehensive report with no additional or hidden charges.

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What People Say:

"Hi Ms Polene, thanks for chatting with us. We found Dr Wilson Chan's assessment and consultation session extremely useful. Please let him know that we really appreciated it. A lot of what you and Dr Chan said resonated strongly, provides validation and gives us motivation to parent right. Thanks again!"       Parents of a 5-year old boy

"Dr Chan, thank you very much for all your kind help and for providing us with valuable insights into our son's learning styles. It was a great pleasure meeting you and we are really glad that we sent him for the evaluation as this has given us a better understanding of our child. Thanks once again for the detailed report!"       Parents of a 5-year old boy

"Thanks for your daughter has improved so much. She is doing well in school with full marks for Mathematics and English. She has also been accepted into MENSA Singapore..."  Mother of 8-year old girl

"Dr Chan, thank you very much. It was insightful and your psychological assessment report was very thorough. I made a summary of my son's profile and recommendations for his school and they are happy to collaborate on his learning journey...By the way, my son remembers you as Dr Wilson and asks when he can see you again!" Mother of a 3-year old boy

"Hi Wilson, our son had a lot of fun during the assessment session, simply adores you and was raving about you're definitely an expert in your field and work well with kids. Thanks for the lovely session...we definitely got to know our son better through this assessment on top of the useful parenting tips. We would like again to extend our appreciation to you and Polene!" Parents of a 5-year old boy

"Dr Chan, thank you for your psychological reports and time. We found the assessment process very helpful and are planning to make good use of these results and your suggestions to improve on our parenting and approach towards their education..."   Parents of two boys, aged 4 and 6

"Thank you, Wilson. It was a useful session and the reports were done up very professionally..." Father of a 4-year old girl and 6-year old boy

"Thank you very much for the pleasant experience for my children during the psychological assessment and for your time to review their reports. We greatly appreciate your expertise and insightful feedback..." Parents of a 6-year old girl and an 11-year old boy

"It was a pleasure meeting you. My child was constantly chatting away about his session and said that he wanted to come back for more sessions. Thank you sincerely, your expertise has ensured that the children are kept at ease..." Parent of 6-year old child

"We had a wonderful and meaningful session with your psychologist. We now know our child better following the IQ assessment and have taken away great parenting tips. Thank you!Parent of 4-year old child

"It is the best investment that I've ever spent on my child!! With your IQ assessment report, I now better understand the cognitive strengths and weaknesses of my child. I'm also super glad I found someone who is genuine in guiding me and my kid..." Parents of 11-year old girl

"Every parent should be informed of the value of assessing their own child. It has certainly helped me better understand my child's learning struggles, cognitive strengths and the best way to support him. I wished I had done this assessment earlier..." Parent of 13-year old child


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