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Gifted Assessment

What is Giftedness?
It is developmental advancement that can be observed in early childhood. Although the term gifted is used to include many kinds of strengths, there are a few broad areas in which giftedness can show itself. They are intellectual ability, leadership ability, talent in art and music, and psychomotor ability. However, the gifted child may not develop or advance equally in all areas.

The damage we do to gifted children / teenagers and adults by ignoring their unique characteristics could be far greater than the damage we do by labeling it.


"Hide not your talents, they for use were made, what's a sundial in the shade?"

                                                                             Benjamin Franklin

How Will My Child Benefit from Gifted Assessment?

All children with advanced development require comprehensive diagnosis and early intervention in order to develop all of their capabilities. This is the primary purpose of gifted testing rather than simply to obtain a numerical scoreGifted and/or ability testing may qualify your intellectually gifted child for special programmes, educational provisions such as subject acceleration / grade skipping or personalised academic coaching for the twice-exceptional learner.

Accurate assessment of your child's developmental advancement that is based on professional clinical judgement by Registered Psychologists  who are experienced in testing the gifted is the best way of determining the full strength of a gifted child's abilities objectively.

Since 2006, many of our clients have been admitted into gifted and talented schools / programmes worldwide in Australia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States.

Some Characteristics of Intellectual Giftedness

- Shows exceptional ability in a single area but not necessarily in others.
- Has an ability to relate to a broad range of ideas and synthesise commonalities
- Has a high degree of ability to think abstractly which develops early.
- Grasps concepts and sees relationships at an extraordinary speed.
- Displays a keen sense of curiosity and highly inquisitive.
- Possesses an unusual capacity for memory.
- Displays intense concentration when engaged in a task.
- Has a fascination with ideas and words and shows intolerance for vagueness.
- Uses an extensive vocabulary and expresses himself/herself well.
- Shows a sensitivity to the feelings of others and a strong sense of right and wrong.
- Is acutely aware of his/her own ability and shows a keen awareness of world issues.


Gifted Assessment:  

Gifted Assessment is only carried out by experienced Registered Psychologists according to International Standards, for children from 2 years of age, inclusive of an internationally-recognised psychological report that is widely accepted by local and international schools as well as  medical and healthcare professionals. The report includes personalised recommendations for your child to realise his/her potential for school and life success.

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Assessment Fees: From SGD1300 onwards

Assessment fees are inclusive of (i) professional consultation, (ii) assessment/test and (iii) psychological report. No additional or hidden consultation charges.


What People Say:

"Dr Chan, thank you for the very insightful session! We are so glad that we made the decision to send our boy to you for the assessment. The assessment report really helps us to understand his developmental needs better and how we can best support his growth".  Parents of a 7-year old boy

"Dr Chan, thank you for your help and explanation. We are able to better understand how and why our son behaves in certain ways. With that understanding, we can seek better parenting method to help him. Appreciate it very much...thank you once again..."  Parents of an 8-year old boy

"Thank you Dr Chan and Ms Polene! We have gained so much insights as parents through the assessments..."  Parents of 2 girls, aged 5 and 8

"Dr Chan, thank you for sharing so much details with me regarding my son's development. I really appreciate it..." Mother of 5-year old boy

"We would like to thank you for all the encouragement and support. The gifted assessment that we opted for our son and the consultation we had was really helpful and we are really glad that we embarked on it. As parents, we received a lot of helpful insights and we are grateful for that. Our son enjoyed his session and has really grown fond of you folks and he keeps mentioning of his 'new friends' in Singapore. Based on your assessment report, he has been accepted into the advanced programmes offered by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Our son has also been admitted as the youngest member in MENSA India - Bangalore chapter..."  Parents of 5-year old boy

"Dr Chan, thank you so much again for the insightful assessments and beneficial recommendations for both our kids. It has definitely been a worthwhile investment...appreciate the reports and we are seriously evaluating the next steps to further hone the talents of our children and build on the gaps..." Parents of a 5-year old boy and an 11-year old girl

"Dr Chan, it was nice meeting you and thank you for assessing our son. He enjoyed "playing" with you very much  and actually wanted to go back to "play" more...!"  Parents of a 2-year-10-month old boy

"My child is now very happy and have settled down well in her pre-school following your assessment recommendations...Thank you very much!" Parents of 4-year old girl

"Thank you for your comprehensive gifted assessment report and recommendations. My child has been advanced by a grade level according to his intellectual potential. He enjoys his school and lessons and has performed well in the Gifted Education Programme despite being younger than his classmates and has also recently done very well in his Primary School Leaving Examinations. He has been admitted to and is one of the few students in his cohort to be awarded a scholarship by a leading Integrated Programme school in Singapore. He has been given lots of opportunities and is very happy there. We are humbled by our son's achievements and can't help but think of the first time we met you folks...thank you for everything..."     Parents of 13-year old boy

"Thanks for your daughter has improved so much. She is doing well in school with full marks for Mathematics and English. She has also been accepted into MENSA Singapore..."  Mother of 8-year old girl

"It was a pleasure meeting you. My child was constantly chatting away about his session and said that he wanted to come back for more sessions. Thank you sincerely, your expertise has ensured that the children are kept at ease..." Parent of 6-year old child


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