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Purpose of ADHD / ADD Assessment

ADHD / ADD may feel like a label, but it may be more helpful to think of it as an explanation. It explains why your child / teenager may have struggled with things like paying attention, following directions, listening closely, self-regulation, organization - things that seem to come easily to other children/teenagers. Put simply, individuals with ADHD often display weaknesses in their executive functioning skills. 

In this sense, getting a diagnosis can be a relief. You can rest easier knowing that it was not laziness or a lack of intelligence standing in your child / teenager's way, but rather a neurodevelopmental disorder that you can do something about.


ADHD / ADD Assessment

The ADHD assessment is conducted only by experienced Registered Psychologists according to International Standards. It includes an internationally-recognised report that is accepted by international and Singapore schools as well as medical and healthcare professionals. The comprehensive report will include personalised recommendations for your child to help him/her cope better in school, home and in life.

Assessment Fees: From SGD500 onwards

Assessment fees are inclusive of (i) professional consultation, (ii) assessment/test and (iii) report. No additional or hidden consultation charges.


What People Say:

"Dr Chan, it was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for helping us know our son better and your explanation. We have also learnt some parenting tips from you. It was an enlightening session for us indeed!" Parents of an 11-year old boy

"Dr Chan, we really want to thank you for rushing out the assessment report and the useful tips on the follow-up actions needed for our son. He has been given the recommended exam access arrangement of extra time for his upcoming examinations. Thank you once again and we are so happy to have met you..." Parents of 15-year old teenager

"We would like to update you on the teacher's feedback on our child's behaviour - He has shown great improvement in controlling his emotions. He is also showing more awareness of his habits that he has to improve and change. He has come a long way and should keep progressing in this direction...Thank you!" Parents of 8-year old child

"My daughter was assessed by your psychologist last October. She actually calmed down a lot the weekend after the session. We thought she wasn't feeling well - LOL! And she's again calmed down a lot more over the last two weeks and has been paying attention a lot better than before..." Parents of 5-year old child

"Thanks for enlightening us. We are glad that you have pointed out issues that our child is facing to us. We will have to learn to accept and to work on these...Parents of 10-year old child


For Appointments and Enquiries: 

For enquiries from Singapore, contact  Tel: 65920241

For international enquiries, please email:

Consultations are strictly by appointment only. 


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